PEPFAR creeps

The PEPFAR authorisation circus drags on. Senate leader Harry Reid is trying to force a vote on the bill. A handful of stubborn Republicans continue to stamp their feet about it. One of their worries is “mission creep” — PEPFAR money might be used to do things that are not 100% related to showing America’s compassion by giving medicine to the afflicted. (It might, for example, be used to talk to infected women about how they could avoid passing HIV on to an infant by using contraception. Oh the horror.)

One of the Stubborns, South Carolina’s Jim DeMint, specifically “criticized the bill’s “mission creep” into other development activities,” according to CQ Today. His solution? He’s going to offer amendments to the PEPFAR bill that relate to biofuels, oil, gas and abortions in China.

Makes sense, I guess. At least none of those are development issues.

This post was published on 11/07/08 in Ideology and HIV, Money and AIDS.

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