The language police lunges in to Gay

Apparently not willing or able to think for themselves, Christian fundamentalists have been programming their computers to automate their views. The result: content that they themselves would probably consider pornographic. This, for example:

“Homosexual dominated the competition. He started well and pulled out to a comfortable lead by the 40-meter mark. This time, he kept pumping those legs all the way through the finish line, extending his lead. In Saturday’s opening heat, Homosexual pulled way up, way too soon, and nearly was caught by the field, before accelerating again and lunging in for fourth place.”

The pulling up, pumping and lunging is actually the work of Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay. But the “G” word is not acceptable to the American Family Association, so they’ve automated their software to replace it. Or rather it is acceptable, according to AFA news service OneNewsNow’s Fred Jackson. “We don’t object to the word ‘gay,’ except when it refers to people who practice a homosexual lifestyle,” Jackson told Sleuth.

Thanks to Sleuth, Ed Brayton and Don Dickerson for the story.

Fundamentalists are not the only ones who get in trouble when they replace brains with algorithms. Back in the mists of time, I was working the late shift at Reuters during the Golden Globe awards. Someone pressed the button on an alert announcing Best Supporting Actress award to Joan Plowright. Seconds later, she popped up on the screen in her Anglicised incarnation: Joan Ploughright.

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This post was published on 02/07/08 in Ideology and HIV.

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