Ways to be gay part 2: Places to pee

Still on the subject of the multiple meanings of masculinity: whatever your identity, you’ve got to pee. But if you’re a person with a penis who dresses as a woman, where should that be? There’s a debate about this over at The Lost Boy, continued at by Roger Tatoud at Peripheries whom I thank for these photos, taken in Thailand a year ago.

gay loogay loo

Their discussion about the rights and wrongs of discrimination in toilets is interesting. But the “where to pee” debate masks something (to me) much more important: “where to go for health care”. When I was working with the fabulous Lenny Sugiharto and other waria in Indonesia, I learned that one of the reasons these “women with penises”/”other definition of your choice” had such phenomenally high rates of untreated STIs and other illness was that they HATED going to health services, and getting stuck in the men’s wards. Groups like Arus Pelangi are lobbying for less discriminatory attitudes among service providers, but there’s a hell of a long way to go.

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  1. Comment by Roger, 20/06/08, 08:58:

    Yes, it starts in the toilets and continues in the ward, the hospital ward or the prisona ward!

  2. Comment by Chris Green, 21/06/08, 03:03:

    A couple of years back, we were informed that the government hospital in Jogjakarta in Indonesia does allow Waria to choose either a male or a female ward. We have promoted this elsewhere, but not sure with effect.
    However, when visiting Lenny in hospital in Jakarta (she was in a single room), it was in some ways sad to see her with two day’s growth of beard!

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