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Sex as a marketing tool? Hardly a new concept. But the producers of the film “Sex in the City” have taken it to new heights.
Vanity Fair Sex and the City
Vanity Fair magazine sent two reporters to view the movie and count the number of promotional products that appeared on-screen, including any blatantly-mentioned brand names. The movie mentioned no fewer than 26 different clothing and accessory designers, eight stores and services, seven gadgets (including Carrie’s Apple computer, an iPhone and a Blackberry), seven publications, seven drinks and snacks, five pharmacy products (like shampoo and moisturizer) and eight places or conveyances (like American Airlines, Mercedes-Benz and the Four Seasons Hotel). The movie in fact proved to be such a prominent vehicle for advertising that a New Line Cinema executive dubbed it the “Super Bowl for women.”

Thanks to Jeff Ballinger for pointing this out to me, via PR Watch

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This post was published on 11/06/08 in Science, The sex trade.

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