The Whole Boy (in three cute parts)

The Whole Boy Condom Box
I’ve been remiss about posting links to electronic versions of all of the references cited in The Wisdom of Whores (or at least abstracts, where academic journals or others continue to restrict copyright to full text). I just have not found time to post several hundred documents and links to the site yet; though I promise it is high on my list of things to do.

As a downpayment, resulting from late night goadings from a particularly delightful journalist disappointed that I have not yet kept my word, I offer The Whole boy, promised in the footnote on page 99.

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This post was published on 10/06/08 in Condomania, Gallery.

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  1. Comment by Amanda, 01/07/08, 06:43:

    I was going to look for this. Thanks!

    He’s cute.


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