Come and argue with me, please

From June 8th to July 4th I’ll be in the US and Canada. I’ll be visiting New York, Toronto, Washington DC, San Francisco, LA, Seattle and Vancouver. My schedule is here. Or you can see my Google calendar. Please come along to agree, disagree, make me think, change my mind, or entrench me in my opinions. Or even just to hear some cracking good tales about interesting people.

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  1. Comment by the zak, 10/06/08, 10:25:

    A thought experiment… the strategy of “let’s get tested TOGETHER BEFORE we have sex, for A VARIETY of STDs!”

    A sexual health checkup reduces ambiguity and can be
    like anything else potentisl sex partners might do together.

  2. Comment by Simon, 10/06/08, 05:33:

    No chance of coming to Miami?

  3. Comment by Kathleen, 10/06/08, 09:58:

    Elizabeth – are any of the events in Washington, DC open to the public? I checked the organizations’ websites and do not see them listed. Thank you!

  4. Comment by elizabeth, 11/06/08, 02:02:

    Simon: I’m afraid I’m not getting that far south this time around.
    Kathleen: No bookstores in DC would have me (not even Politics and Prose, which tends to like iconoclasts!). So the iconoclast has had to go into the lion’s den. I believe the World Bank may welcome visitors, but will confirm soon.

  5. Comment by Mike, 11/06/08, 06:01:

    Hey Elizabeth – You mentioned Vancouver in the post, but I don’t see it on your schedule.

    Are you really heading up our way, or is Seattle as close as you’re going to get?

  6. Comment by elizabeth, 11/06/08, 11:13:

    Mike: I really am coming to Vancouver, and I’ll be there June 25-27th. I just haven’t seen a schedule for public “Events” yet. If you’ve got any suggestions, do let me know.

    Washington update:. The World Bank welcomes anyone who is interested, but please let them know by Friday 13th so that they can arrange security passes. See details under the DC events.

  7. Comment by Simon, 11/06/08, 03:04:

    I buying your book today, also I’m going to email you via your contact page, maybe you can get to Miami next time around!

  8. Comment by Veritee, 13/06/08, 05:20:

    We have been in contact briefly before – Skypw #maybe I should not have tired to talk to you as it was my stuff

    and I so wish I COULD have a chance to be there and argue with you !! As while I agree with so much you say I also do have some real difficulties with it too.
    So I wish I could make it but I can not

    I am now a volunteer for a HIV charity in the UK and in my ‘very small’ way I am campaigning for more awareness, routine HIV testing etc

    I may be in the Sunday People UK this Sunday
    I have a blog here: http://hiv-and-us.blogspot.com/
    I do have a cracking good life story – that I thinkyou may enjoy….

    but then so do you and you do not have HIV

    lucky you!!!!!!!!!!
    it is actually really so VERY different when you do have it yourself
    Something I do so hope yo never discover – i.e how different it is to have HIV from the mostly academic perspective of working with people with HIV

    I am now unfortunate to have done both!!!

    I have worked with people with HIV \ns i now have HIV at n age I thought it coudl NEVER happen to me – believe me it is VERY different when you have it yourself!! As I have been so unfortunate to discover

    I rant

    I am good at ranting since I have HIV – HIV can make you rant – bloodly virus has no care about who you are or how much you know about HIV, You only have to make one mistake or have sex with someone who did and you are fucked!!!!

    Love your book – wish I could met you


  9. Comment by Lee Rudolph, 14/06/08, 07:07:

    “Something I do so hope yo never discover – i.e how different it is to have HIV from the mostly academic perspective of working with people with HIV
    I am now unfortunate to have done both!!!”

    It is both a truism and, I think, true that “hard cases make bad law”. I suspect (but I don’t know) that hard cases also make bad epidemiology and bad public health policy. And, still, there *are* hard cases. What to do, what to do?

    …What I can do is quote Paul Goodman, one version of whose poem _A Man from Georgia_ (about, among other things, an episode of homosexual anal sex between two strangers, one presumably him, the other a black man recently come to New York from Georgia) ends with the words:

    “And yet I know that life is simple; hard, but simple;

    that it is not complicated and hard,

    but very simple, and very, very hard.”

  10. Comment by William McGreevey, 19/06/08, 02:33:

    Hi Elizabeth – I sat behind you at CGDev and remarked that I was glad for nice words about Neff Walker, my friend, too. Take a look at http://www.marginalrevolution.com where Alex T. quotes your words about Thai women’s upgrade in sexual behavior. He compares to “More sex is safer sex.” The Truth emerges….
    I continue to help UNAIDS where I got to know Neff, Peter Ghys and other friends of yours. I teach INTH 443 at G’town Univ where we may ask students to read your book. Is a paperback edition on the way?
    bill mcgreevey

  11. Comment by MIchael, 21/07/08, 03:05:

    I’m enjoying the book very much.
    One area which always seems to me to be ignored the prevalence of Aids in Africa is the contribution of the immunisation programs in the 60’s and 70’s. I dont know what the policy was was on needles but i’m pretty sure there was massive resuse taking place. In the lates 60’s i was getting jabs in a UK primary school and we all needle shared ! Is this really not significant at all in a disease that seemed to come from nowhere in the 70’s ?

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