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Demonstrating success (29/06/08)

Some Sunday silliness courtesy of Lazygal.

Inspi(red) (28/06/08)

Not that one ever wants to take the piss out of St. Bono’s good works, but I did have to giggle at this from The Onion. Hat tip to Ted Gideonse, wonderful person, crap driver….

Should everyone be tested for HIV? Really? (27/06/08)

The Bronx, a borough of New York that is home to 1.3 million people, has decided that it is going to try to test all adults for HIV over the next three years, according to

Fire, brimstone and AIDS activists (25/06/08)

I’m sure many readers are aware that there’s been a bit of a debate lately about spending on AIDS in the developing world. Is AIDS crowding out other infectious diseases, other health issues, other development issues? Or has the AIDS epidemic focused attention on the woeful neglect of health in developing countries, and will it […]

A (truly) useful tool for proposal writing and much else (23/06/08)

Last week I posted the patented Wisdom of Whores Automatic Proposal Generator (TM) to help you all shake millions out of the Global Fund. But today I found a tool thats is genuinely useful from the ever-helpful Kaiser Family Foundation They’ve put together a fanatstic, really simple tool that allows you to generate charts of […]

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