While we’re on chocolate condoms…

They went down well with the breakfast crowd at Hay. Especially with the gay Bishop.

This post was published on 26/05/08 in Condomania, Videos.

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  1. Comment by Shane Quilty, 29/12/08, 01:10:

    Hi, I’ve just finished your truely insightful book. It’s amazing how much we take for granted…I nievely assumed that as it was in the news and that Bono and Geldof were involved that all was okay with the world…How wrong. I’ve learned so much from your book, and if people take the time to a step back they can see how obvious it is.
    My interest in the book stemmed from some work I’m doing to promote sexual health. In a nut shell, I put together a magic act that has caught the imagination of the Universities in Ireland. Durex then heard about it and are sponcering me as I talk mostly about condom use. Next year (2009) I hope to perform at more venues (Night clubs; music venues et al)…I did have one insidance where I pitched to an NGO who, at first said ‘We like what you do but you would be in competition with us’…I couldn’t believe it!…Luckly the Durex name is opening doors. My act focuses an sexual health, not AIDS specifically, but next year I’m hoping to do more gay venues so will do a few tricks around that. I’m sure my new found knowledge will ruffle a few feathers and hopefully get people to buy your amazing book. I have already given a copy to a mate as a Christmas present and will be buying another for a mate that works in drug prevention. Thank you for a great book.

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