More trumpets (only one a litte off key)

There’s another clutch of reviews of The Wisdom of Whores posted to the “What They’re Saying” page.

They include Rachel Holmes in The Times (she thinks I’m a nerd, in the best possible way), Michael Fitzpatrick in The Guardian (who seems vaguely disapproving), Stephanie Merritt in the Observer (who is seduced by the mysteries of epidemiology), and Steve Jones in The Telegraph. This is a special one for me, because for me Steve is a demi-God of the public communication of science (and I got to tell him so this weekend at the Hay Festival). There’s also Theodore Dalrymple, in The First Post (who seems to have found it a pretty good read) and John Le Fanu in The New Statesman.

There’s some new radio stuff posted (including a podcast from the Hay Festival), and quite a funny profile in The Irish Times.

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  1. Comment by Peter Risdon, 04/06/08, 12:01:

    I know Dalrymple’s work, so clicked through to that. Next, Amazon.

    The ‘enthusiasm’ he noted shines through this blog, as well. It’s an intriguing combination, and I hope it works through to good sales.

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