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This post was published on 19/05/08 in Ideology and HIV.

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  1. Comment by Amanda, 19/05/08, 06:41:

    Yes, I read about this in Glamour magazine a year or so ago. It was repulsive in the extreme.

    Parents should educate their children about the world (including sex). But taking control of their child’s sexuality to the point of “owning” it?

    The Glamour article made it clear the fathers were owning their daughters in a way I found more sexually problematic than a little groping between teens.

    Oh, and their fathers? They visit escorts.


  2. Comment by Anonymous, 10/04/11, 09:59:

    Since most of you are void of the Holy Spirit in your comments, it’s no wander that your envy is rearing it’s ugly head. Regret is a wasted emotion on the fact that you gave your selves away with out purity. You hypocrits-chasing down a beam in their dad’s eye while you have a saw mill in your own..,signed, a reformed sex addict.

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