For US$ 100, learn about sex (but not about condoms?)

A reader recently sent me a link to Time4Facts, a site that allows parents to download videos about sex and puberty. The idea is that parents can pick and choose from a menu of video clips, and then put together a “curriculum” that will allow their kids to learn about everything from wet dreams to pregnancy.

Tme4Facts sex education

Well, perhaps not everything. I couldn’t check out the clips — that would cost me US$99.99. But a look at the subject menu shows no mention of sexually transmitted infections, no mention of HIV, no mention of condoms or other contraceptives. STIs do feature prominently in a press release about the site, so these things may well be featured in the (apparently rather clinical but perfectly sensible) information available. But if I were a parent, I’d want to know that I would get information on these critically important issues before parting with my 100 bucks. In the meantime, I think I’ll just stick with the zany but informative (and above all free) Midwest Teen Sex Show.

This post was published on 18/05/08 in Good sex and bad, Money and AIDS.

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