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This post was published on 17/05/08 in Ideology and HIV.

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  1. Comment by Cybertiger, 18/05/08, 10:06:

    I have maintained a deep antipathy to Texas and its cruel and stupid people since the trial and conviction of Andrea Yates in 2002.


    And George Bush, that born-again Christian and well known compassionate conservative, is known to be a jerk and man of the people. Remember Karla Faye Tucker? Dubya doesn’t. And nor do the jerks who live and pay taxes under the Lone Star.


    And where from comes this plague of Texas stupidity and can its spread be prevented? Is there a vaccine? Can a vaccine be developed in time? These are crucial questions of our time.

    PS. And I feel absolutely no pity for the idiot American taxpayer.

    PPS. Elizabeth: I have just received a copy of your book and am hoping to get stuck into it today. Well done.

  2. Comment by Lee Rudolph, 18/05/08, 10:51:

    “And I feel absolutely no pity for the idiot American taxpayer.”

    Since this was a state trial, it will be the Texan tax-payers who will be paying (in the first instance) to support the poor fellow in their prison system– where it is far more likely that his HIV infection will be transmitted than in the police car, the more so if (as I am sure it does) Texas follows the general USAn pattern of denying prisoners open access to condoms (though no doubt they can obtain them at a price, prison walls being as leaky to contraband as condoms aren’t to HIV).

  3. Comment by Amanda, 19/05/08, 06:51:

    Well, Texas-bashers, I can assure you that living in a small town in California for the past few years makes Texas look sensible and liberal.

    But Texas juries have done some strange things — no denying that. What I’m guessing happened here is that the jury felt they were defending the cop. Combine that with AIDS ignorance and Willie being a poor black man (I don’t know the race of the cop)…and you get this sentence.

  4. Comment by Mike, 22/09/08, 10:05:

    hmmm…. if Willie had an open sore in his mouth, or if he bit his tounge intentionally before spitting in the cops eye, there would in fact be a risk of transmittion…. albeit small. i guess the morale of the story is: don’t mess around with cops. especially if you’re in Texas.

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