Can we get back to sex now?

I’ve been a bit distracted of late by the impending launch of The Wisdom of Whores. Now I’m distracted by the post-party haze, and this shelf at Blackwell’s is completely bare. But I promise to be back on sex, science and all things sundry in the next day or two.

Elizabeth Pisani at the Wisdom of Whores launch

Thanks to everyone who came (especially the Bookseller from Madrid, who’s in the back there).

This post was published on 07/05/08 in Pisani's picks.

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  1. Comment by rgp, 07/05/08, 08:17:

    dos guapas!! rgp

  2. Comment by Lee Rudolph, 09/05/08, 02:47:

    “Can we get back to sex now?”

    Apparently we’ll have to get drunk first, according to a new article in BMC Public Health (which is public access), as reported by the BBC at
    news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/7389980.stm — at least for values of “we” that includes “young adults in Europe” (which counts me out on several dimensions).

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