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Pakistan rocks! (and makes me eat humble pie) (25/04/08)

As I flicked through the headlines of the wonderful Kaiser Foundation HIV reports, I saw this headline. Pakistan, U.N. Agency Launch Pilot Initiative To Improve HIV Control Efforts Among Women. I rolled my eyes. Another touchy-feely let’s-empower-women-through-microcredit-so-they-can-protect-themselves initiatives that will do precisely nothing to reduce new HIV infections. Ho hum. Then I read the story […]

Rasing the quality of procurement: by those wankers in government (24/04/08)

Britain’s Office of Government Commerce says its mission is to “drive up standards and procurement”. To help in this dynamic task, they’ve got a new logo. As I understand it, procurement is illegal in the UK, at least when it comes to procuring partners for pleasure. But if you turn the new logo on its […]

Smooth site for rough sex (23/04/08)

If you’re a guy into rough sex with other guys, or just curious about it, check out the fantastic new website at Hard Cell. Everything you ever wanted to know about the ins and outs of different sexual practices, and some stuff you probably didn’t want to know, as well. What a pleasure to find […]

Rethinking Rethinking AIDS Day (23/04/08)

Today, apparently, is “Rethinking AIDS Day”. Or so we’re told by a group of AIDS denialists who gather under the banner of They and their mates have a channel on Youtube, too, called HIVquestions. They’ve been inviting me to sign up since I posted a video explaining that in some countries, counterintuitively enough, more […]

Celebrating the death of anti-condom cardinal (21/04/08)

I assume that Cardinal Alfonso L√≥pez Trujillo, who died on Saturday, believed in an afterlife. I wonder if he’s given any thought to the millions of people he’ll meet in that afterlife who died young of AIDS because they didn’t use condoms. Some didn’t use condoms because they don’t like them, perhaps. Some because condoms […]

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