Will Self, Prince Harry and genital warts

The first review of The Wisdom of Whores hit the newsstands yesterday, in London’s Evening Standard. I was honoured that fab World of Boy novelist Will Self read the book, and thrilled that he reviewed it with his penis. (Well, he reviewed it with his brain. But he reviewed it together with his penis, which at the time was somewhat warty). And the review was illustrated with a photo of a British Royal. My “Hello magazine” fantasies almost fulfilled, and by a decent newspaper!

Will Self review of The Wisdom of Whores

This post was published on 29/04/08 in Gallery, Pisani's picks.

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  1. Comment by Candy, 30/04/08, 10:36:

    that’s a great review – i like how it ends with will self’s novel The Butt as a tagline. very good of self to be so open.

    meanwhile, i have kindly done some shameless promoting of your book on my blog, elizabeth (as well as my friend steve’s new book). who would’ve thought one could make a connection between children’s writing, Putin’s Russia and The Wisdom of Whores?

  2. Comment by ted, 30/04/08, 05:48:

    Congrats on the review. And it worked! I’ve decided to teach your book in my “Medicine, Culture, and AIDS” class this summer. That’s 15 books right there! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

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