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This post was published on 20/04/08 in Uncategorized.

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  1. Comment by Lee Rudolph, 20/04/08, 05:26:

    W. H. Auden maintained that A. E. Housman loathed himself for liking receptive (_vice_ insertive) anal sex. At least he didn’t live in an age where indulging that liking was a serious additional risk factor for early death.

    Meanwhile, when not engaged in his day job (of translating from the, ahem, Greek), he wrote a lot of damned good cryptohomoerotic (and perhaps explicitly ephebophiliac) elegies.

    . With rue my heart is laden
    . For golden friends I had,
    . For many a rose-lipt maiden
    . And many a lightfoot lad.
    . By brooks too broad for leaping
    . The lightfoot boys are laid;
    . The rose-lipt girls are sleeping
    . In fields where roses fade.

    (_A Shropshire Lad_, LIV.)

  2. Comment by elizabeth, 21/04/08, 12:13:

    Girls sleep and boys get laid. Ho hum.

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