More sex equals less HIV: I explain why

This video, not to be taken tooooo seriously (though the science is spot on), is the product of a rainy afternoon with the incomparable Candy Gourlay. Check out Candy’s wit, wisdom and illustration at Notes From the Slushpile

This post was published on 16/04/08 in Good sex and bad, Pisani's picks, Science, The sex trade, Videos.

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  1. Comment by A WoW fan, 24/04/08, 04:54:

    It’s great that you’re bringing this up. A new way to look at things. It definitely deserves more research.

    Premarital sex among girls may not have decreased men going to sex workers. Instead, the 100% Condom Use enforcement in Thailand may have turned men off of sex work. As a result of that, men could have been putting more pressure on their girlfriends to have sex. Which one is the chicken and which is the egg?

    Some men are afraid to have sex with their pregnant wives. Misconceptions include worries of poking the baby’s head/eye or the baby “seeing” his penis. Insertive sex is only an issue closer to the 9th month.

    If men can’t feel they can have sex with their pregnant wives, I bet visits to SWs increase. So a possible campaign to decrease visits to SWs could be “Fuck your Wife”.

    Still- research would be needed to see if increasing sex between couples would actually reduce sex with sex workers. Men may go to sex workers to fill a need that wives do not or cannot fill or that men don’t want to ask for.

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