Mountain Dew prevents pregnancy, Florida teens believe

If you don’t tell teenagers the facts of life, they’ll make them up. Last year, Florida spent 10.7 million dollars of federal money telling teenagers not to have sex. Nothing else, just “No”. So kids came up with their own stories about how to avoid pregnancy (drink Mountain Dew, smoke dope) and how to prevent HIV (drink bleach).

When I first came across this story I checked the date on it, just in case it was an April Fool. But no, abstinence-only sex education really has left some teenagers that ignorant, according to Planned Parenthood’s Jenna Cawley. This has shocked some Florida politicians into proposing something really radical: sex education that actually includes information about sex. The bill got through it’s first committee session by just one vote. It would have to clear another three committees and be approved on the floor of the state senate before kids in Florida could hear about condoms. Local reporters judge the chances of that “slim”.

This post was published on 04/04/08 in Ideology and HIV.

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