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Some readers may have had yesterday’s literary post zoned out by the language police. By happy coincidence, Blog Around the Clock drew my attention to the cuss-o-meter, and I ran The Wisdom through it. Just 16.6% of my posts are grubby, which shows there’s lot more science than sex on this blog. I note, though, that that pretty feeble score still puts me higher in the foul language stakes than 84% of the people who’ve tried the cuss-o-meter.

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For the hell of it, and to see if Brits were generally more foul-mouthed than Yanks, I ran a few of my favourite British blogs through the swear machine. I started with Mark Farley’s book blog; being a literary type, he scored a genteel 10.9%. One expects a bit of straight talk from London’s cabbies, so I was pleased to see that a All In A Day’s Work overtook me at 22%. Edging past us even the Black Cab Wisdom was Diamond Geezer. Nearly a quarter of his posts have something in them that Americans would consider foul. Since he writes a great deal about London Transport, it’s hardly a surprise that he swears a lot, is it?

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  1. Comment by diamond geezer, 30/03/08, 08:10:

    Er, a quarter of my pages have naughty words on.
    And each of my pages contains a month’s worth of posts (about 40 in total).
    So, if I read that properly, I swear about three times a year. Damn 🙂

  2. Comment by The Bookseller to the Stars, 31/03/08, 08:05:

    Run my blog through an angry machine and see what comes up…

  3. Comment by Mark, 31/03/08, 01:35:

    One of my favourites ( http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/ ) = 48.7 %
    But since he has the word “rude” in his name, that *might* be cheating…And,to be sure, he does write mostly about the US political scene…

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