In Texas, masturbation leads to incest

Help me out here. George Bush says abstinence is the only reliable way of avoiding HIV. So you’d think do-it-yourself orgasms would be the order of the day. It took Bush’s home state of Texas a while to get with the programme, but they finally made it okay to masturbate, legalising dildos just in time for Valentine’s day. Now, though, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has asked for more judges to hear the case against sex toys. Abbott wrote that, if permitted to stand, the court’s decision may “invite … challenges to previously-uncontroversial criminal prohibitions” on sexual practices such as “consensual adult incest or bigamy.”

Confused how a silicone penis could make a girl to sleep with her father? Me too. In a lovely blog post, Amanda Marcotte explains that like everything else in the States, it comes back down to the abortion issue. Of course in the great, entrepreneurial nation that is the US, prohibition of sex toys doesn’t actually mean you can’t sell them openly. It’s a matter of semantics, as this video explains:

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This post was published on 16/03/08 in Ideology and HIV, Videos.

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