Put our money where your mouth is: politicians and prostitutes

Scott Swensen suggests the following Prostitution Pledge for Politicians.

As an American politician I will stop all hypocritical, self-righteous moralizing and judgment of the lives of others. I pledge to support legislation that treats all humans as equals and ensure that foreign assistance dollars intended to stop HIV/AIDS are allocated using the very best public health strategies, based on real evidence, and targeted to those most vulnerable. When I access the services of a sex worker, call girl, escort or madame, I will always use protection and make sure s/he has access to adequate health care. I will stop dragging my innocent spouse in front of television cameras to support me in a moment of self-inflicted hypocrisy.

Read Scott’s whole post here.

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This post was published on 11/03/08 in Good sex and bad, Ideology and HIV, The sex trade.

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