How to talk to your kids about sex

American taxpayers are ploughing money into ads telling parents to talk to their kids about sex. Or rather, telling parents to talk to their kids about not having sex. It includes such helpful lines as “Tell me to wait to have sex. And don’t worry. I’ll always be your Muffinhead. Your Punkinface. Your Pookie Bear.” Watch it right here (but be aware of projectile vomiting).

In response to this taxpayer-funded pap, Josh Covitt & Whit Hertford at The Attack made a more useful video, which asks the questions your pookie bear really wants answered (such as “How do I put a condom on with my mouth?”). It’s one of the better ads I’ve seen. Straight up. My only question is: how come it is categorised as “parody”?

Thanks to Jeff Ballinger.

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This post was published on 10/03/08 in Ideology and HIV, Videos.

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  1. Comment by Lee Rudolph, 10/03/08, 11:13:

    It appears that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer might want to talk to his kids about sex; they might have some good advice (if they’ve been watching the right PSAs, anyhow). In the Federal affidavit that’s widely circulating today, one reads: “he” [Client-9, presumed to be Spitzer] “would ask you to do things that, like, you might not think were safe”. Well!

  2. Comment by piglet, 13/03/08, 03:12:

    The 4parents.gov website doesn’t even have an email address where parents and kids can tell them to fuck off. Quite embarassing.

  3. Comment by Lee Rudolph, 14/03/08, 01:46:

    “The 4parents.gov website doesn’t even have an email address”. Not that I would doubt a Pig of Very Little Brain, but I thought I’d look for myself. I didn’t discover one, but I did find their Glossary; though it’s very short, it does define “Sexual Activity: A term that refers to physical sexual contact between individuals that involved the genitalia of at least one person.” Nice to know that those Awkward Conversations won’t, at least, have to deal with anal fisting or anilingus (_inter_, no doubt, _alia_)!

  4. Comment by elizabeth, 14/03/08, 11:10:

    It’s exhausting, isn’t it, trying to keep track of all the things we should be abstaining from.

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