Buffy goes gay. Or not.

Gay role models are hard to find. But just when we’ve got a vampire slayer that might fit the bill, we’re told she doesn’t. Buffy, Vampire Slayer extraordinaire, has ended up in the buff with another slayerette.

Buffy goes gay

Here’s what her progenitor Joss Whedon told The New York Times.
“It puts the reader in this ‘Oh my God’ moment. And it puts Buffy in an ‘Oh my God, what did I just do?’ moment.” The Times goes on to disappoint those who were hoping for a new aspirational idol for gay women. “But before fans start blogging frantically, they should know that Mr. Whedon is clear where this is headed. “We’re not going to make her gay, nor are we going to take the next 50 issues explaining that she’s not. She’s young and experimenting, and did I mention open-minded?”

So that’s all right, then.

This post was published on 05/03/08 in Men, women and others.

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