Voting and sex, again

Ted Gideonse doesn’t understand how Obama can be up two points in one poll and Hillary up 12 points in another. Because I’m in Bangkok and it’s past my bedtime, I’m going to be lazy and refer back to an earlier but ever more pertinent post: Voting is like sex.

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This post was published on 03/03/08 in Science.

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  1. Comment by ted, 03/03/08, 08:05:

    Oh, I totally agree that voting is like sex, and condom usage, and so on. And that explains discrepancies in pre- and post-vote polls. But polls taken on the same day in the same state with wildly divergent results makes you go Hmmm, as C+C would say. It means, I think, that the pollsters are using very different methodologies. Which is confusing making for the political junkie.

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