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Catholics proclaim being faithful kills (31/03/08)

I’m not easily shocked. Really. But I have to say that the hairs rose on the back on my neck when I saw this: A catholic NGO, calling itself Human Life International, has put up three of these billboards in Tanzania. It’s president, Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, crows about this achievement on a Catholic web […]

When you need to know who Daddy is department (31/03/08)

A while back, I posted a link to BioRad’s unlikely but delightful PCR test anthem, “When you need to know who Daddy is”. Those tests are strictly for lab nerds. More recently, though, supermarkets have started stocking do it yourself paternity tests. It wasn’t ever going to be long before enthusiastic you-tubers had a go […]

Tree-huggers learn from junkies: needle exchange goes green (31/03/08)

Needle exchange usually gets a pretty bad press. So I was surprised, as I wandered by accident into the greenosphere today, to find that harm reduction models could save the world. Colin Beavan draws a parallel between injectors and consumers. You can’t break an addiction to consumer goods any more easily than you can break […]

Excuse my French (30/03/08)

Some readers may have had yesterday’s literary post zoned out by the language police. By happy coincidence, Blog Around the Clock drew my attention to the cuss-o-meter, and I ran The Wisdom through it. Just 16.6% of my posts are grubby, which shows there’s lot more science than sex on this blog. I note, though, […]

The New York Times’ HIV vaccine fantasy (30/03/08)

Working with HIV can get dispiriting at times. We have some 70 million prevention failures to our credit so far; those will always attract more attention than the unquantifiable millions of infections which we have managed to prevent, by providing a safe blood supply, clean needles for injectors, decent STI treatment and condoms for people […]

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