AIDS and global warming department: a green sex life

green_sex1.jpgOK, we know global warming is taking over from HIV as the development fashion of the day. But for those who haven’t quite made the switch, or who have one foot in each camp, here’s detailed advice on how to have greener sex.

Looking at some of the advice, I wonder if they can’t see the wood for the tree(hugger)s. Worrying about buying condoms in bulk to save on packaging waste seems to be overdoing it a bit. After all, if you’re not breeding, you are saving whole ponds worth of landfill nappies, not to mention all those air miles that will be saved in grandparent visits etc. I think non-breeders have done our bit for the planet: we can reserve the right to have sex in any colour we like.

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This post was published on 28/02/08 in Good sex and bad.

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