Orgasm department: That old G-spot thing

So Italian researchers have looked at just 20 women, and found the G-spot. This has excited comment in the UK, though not much elsewhere. The Guardian’s (rather good) weekly science podcast, wonders at the fact that women can have more than one type of orgasm. Or rather, two male commentators wonder. If they’d asked a woman, they might have heard about the orgasms that come in a blinding flash like sheet lightening, the ones that feel like those multi-flowering fireworks, (the glorious explosive star and then another littler one in a different colour and oh another and mmm another). The ones that feel like falling into black velvet. The raindrops on bare skin. The warm honey dripping on the tongue. The … but I mustn’t take all day.

And now Italian scientists are all excited because they’ve devised a test to tell us whether we’ve got what it takes to feel these things — an all-too-prosaic thickening of vaginal tissue. It’s enough to turn one against science.

This post was published on 25/02/08 in Good sex and bad, Pisani's picks, Science.

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  1. Comment by Cybertiger, 25/02/08, 05:57:

    As a mere man I am deeply envious of the female ability to experience a firework display of orgasms. In this respect, life, for a man, is simply not fair. If I believed in God, I would have assumed that He was a She.

    PS. Are multi-orgasms linked to the ability to multitask for which women prevail over the common man?

    PPS. I wonder what proportion of women actually experience vaginal orgasms as well as clitoral ones?

  2. Comment by auntie dot, 27/02/08, 07:26:

    Women are capable of multiple orgasm from G spot and clitoris. Alas!! There is a God!!With the scarcity of sexual encounters due to caution practiced to prevent STDs…I’d be more than happy with any type of orgasm I can get!!! Beggars can’t be choosers!!

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