No tarts in the arts? More nonsense from the gloating Christians

A week ago, the President of William and Mary college Gene Nichols lost his job. The last straw in a haystack of sins: he supported a show of art by sex workers on campus. This drew outrage from all the usual suspects, and they have been gloating at his dismissal. Organisers and studentsraised their voices in support of the art show, and the ensuing debate was vitriolic.

It is abundantly clear from the debate on Bound, Not Gagged and other sex worker sites that people who sell sex for a living have as much to offer artistically as people in any other profession. More, perhaps, given a sex worker’s position as counselor and confidante to clients who often come with special needs, illusions and fantasies. How did we get to a point where supporting artistic output from competent artists becomes a reason for losing your job?

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This post was published on 21/02/08 in Ideology and HIV, The sex trade.

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