New condom rings the changes for sex in Indonesia

Well, those folks at DKT in Indonesia have done it again. Not content to rest on their laurels with the official Democrat Party condom, they’ve now got Indonesia abuzz in anticipation of The Earthquake, a vibrating condom which will be launched on February 23 (but which is available to the cognoscenti of Jakarta from today — visit your local Circle K)

Indonesia has more than 130 active volcanoes, and it’s had more than it’s fair share of earthquakes in recent years, with unhappy results for thousands of families. Doubtless, some fragile soul will complain that the new condoms are insensitively named. But I think it is great that Fiesta is giving a whole new meaning to the “Ring of Fire”.

Selamat menikmati, one and all.

Fiesta earthquake vibrating condoms

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This post was published on 18/02/08 in Condomania, Gallery.

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  1. Comment by MarinaM, 18/02/08, 05:43:

    Oh my gosh, Elisabeth, maybe we should import the Earthquake into Malaysia too! A recent survey here said that Malaysian men are only interested in money, not how they look to women or even sex! Maybe this would shake them up!!!

    Thanks for linking to my blog. I’ll do the same to yours!

  2. Comment by Gary, 20/02/08, 09:55:

    Do these condoms detect earthquakes? If not, then they are nothing but commercial gimmicks.

    Ok, something on the line of earthquake ice-cream from Svensons?

    MarinaM, are you related to the famous (or infamous) Dr M of Boleh Land?

  3. Comment by Luwi, 21/02/08, 03:36:

    SUTRA-lah… coba dulu getarannya pasti serasa FIESTA

  4. Comment by Luwi, 21/02/08, 03:43:

    heheh my be they should have condom that vibrate and make a sounds of “dendang melayu” than maybe it work for malaysia

  5. Comment by orangutanz, 30/06/09, 08:28:

    Hello there… Hopefully, those fragile souls not reading this and making complaints or i’ll lose my job as a promotion executive. huehehehe…

    No, Im not working at Fiesta. And No i’m not recommending this product. In fact i have a really bad experience with that crap!!!!
    Check out my review if u have time dan bisa bahasa indonesia….

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