Where the candidates stand on AIDS

From the ever-helpful Kaiser Family Foundation comes a very useful summary of where each of the US presidential candidates stands on HIV issues.

The summaries for Obama and Clinton are so similar that I ran a “compare docs” on them. Besides substituting names and genders (he/she), the only real differences are: Obama supports “comprehensive sex education”, Clinton doesn’t mention it. She talks instead of more money for “evidence-based strategies”. But then so did George Bush. If you torture the evidence enough…

Obama would prohibit insurers from charging different premiums for people with HIV. Hillary wouldn’t. In addition to the extra US$ 50 billion both of them would stump up for PEPFAR until 2013, Obama says he’d pump another US$ 50 billion into overseas development by 2023.

You choose.

This post was published on 15/02/08 in Ideology and HIV.

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