Valentine for Voters: tales from Zimbabwe

Check out this Valentine’s day poem from Isabella Matambanadzo, who fights the good fight in Zimbabwe and understands the importance of good underwear. Here’s how it starts, just to give you a flavour.

I dressed for the occasion.
Put my cute fanny in lace nickers,
Gave my breasts some serious gravity (EJ Win always
says wear new, matching underwear on important days,
that’s why she got me stuff from Bravissimo)
But my name was not there: Not on the voters roll,
where it had been 5 years ago. Vanished. Disappeared.
My name was not there.

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  1. Comment by Kubatana, 14/02/08, 01:47:

    Thanks for linking to our blog – and thus introducing us to yours! I’m intrigued to read more from your site, thanks. Please note tho that the URL you’ve used to link to Bella’s poem on Valentine’s and the voters roll is incorrect – it should read – http://kubatanablogs.net/kubatana/?p=362 Thanks.

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