No Valentine’s sex for Thai teens

Valentine’s day in Bangkok What with two a.m. closures and best-behaviour brothels, it has been quite a while since Bangkok deserved its international reputation as “Sin City, East”. But the morality police are taking things a bit far this Valentine’s day.

One in four Bangkok teens said they’d be celebrating Valentines day by having sex, according to a poll carried out by Bangkok’s Assumption University. This, says a Reuters report has stung the authorities into action. The floodlights will be on in the parks, and The Powers That Be will be policing the city’s motels to break up canoodling couples.

I note that the poll came from one of largely Buddhist Thailand’s few Catholic universities. According the The Nation, the survey covered 1,159 kids aged 12-18. Catholic sites worry about the apparently casual attitude to sex, while others think the church should stay out of sex. My question is this: if only one in four intend to have sex on Valentine’s day, what do the other three in four intend to do?

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This post was published on 14/02/08 in Good sex and bad.

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  1. Comment by Lee Rudolph, 15/02/08, 01:14:

    “My question is this: if only one in four intend to have sex on Valentine’s day, what do the other three in four intend to do?”

    Presumably have sex unintentionally. One gathers that this happens here and there, from time to time (and, indeed, that–at least in the USA–it’s almost _de rigeur_ for graduates of Abstinence Only sex-ed classes).

  2. Comment by krungtep, 21/06/11, 08:29:

    ok …i was reared catholic in Ireland in the late 1940/1950s and it was the most oppressive middle ages type of catholicism u could be reared in..it took me years to get the guilt crap about sex out of my head….if the RC Church is making inroads into the educational system in Thialand the Thai government should ban and deport them…they will destroy the healthy guilt free minds of the thai buddhist culture…its what they do anywhere they get a foothold and its always through education and/or health services…they are obcessed about sex and control of womens sexuality…..keep them out of Thailand!

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