Man cannot live by orgasm alone

orgasm brain scan

In a wonderful article on orgasms, Regina Nuzzo reports on laboratory research that involves people training themselves to control areas of their brain which can induce or block orgasm. It’s really interesting stuff, and well written, too (and much e-mailed, as noted by rather crossly by political blogger Andrew Malcolm). But it raises a question for me. All the orgasm and neurology research appears to takes place in labs, with one lonely person, some magazines and perhaps a dildo. Whereas a lot of orgasms (and almost all sex that doesn’t involve orgasms) involve two people. Doesn’t it seem likely that the bits of your brain that get in the way of an orgasm with someone else (the oh-god-what-if-her-husband-finds-out bits, for example) are not the ones that can be trained in a lonely lab?

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This post was published on 12/02/08 in Good sex and bad, Science.

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