A hard choice on Super Tuesday

As citizens of a country founded on the slogan “No taxation without representation”, Americans living overseas get to pay taxes without any dedicated representation in Congress. But they do get to vote in primaries. The Democrats make it easier than the Republicans , even providing helpful on-the-spot voting sites in pubs in Dublin and donut shops in Phnom Penh. Democrats in Indonesia get to vote on Super Tuesday, though interestingly they haven’t disclosed quite where. It seems, though, that they’re expecting a good time. They’ve got in supplies of essential commodities just for the occasion.

Democrats Abroad Condoms

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This post was published on 04/02/08 in Condomania, Gallery, Pisani's picks.

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  1. Comment by mp, 05/02/08, 01:33:


    If only the dems could do this at the polls in the USA….

    might it change the number and nature of folks appearing at the primaries?

    P.S. Why does it look like those little jams you get on the hotel breakfast tray?

  2. Comment by elizabeth, 05/02/08, 11:58:

    They don’t call them “buttercup condoms” for nothing…

  3. Comment by Candy, 05/02/08, 12:17:

    yes, they look like those tiny vacuum packed uht milk thingies you get in hotels. which makes one think …

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