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Big pharma does smack (28/01/08)

Junkies on the frontline (28/01/08)

Some good news for drug injectors in the US: a nasal spray that costs less than US$ 10 can reverse the effect of an opiate overdose . Some even better news: programmes giving out these sprays have sprung up across the country. A programme on National Public Radio reports that these kits, which put drug […]

Shame on America’s johns (28/01/08)

Celeb economist Steven Levitt, of Freakonomics fame, has been drawing attention to the fact that women can earn more selling sex than in lots of other jobs — around four times more, at least in Chicago. In the UK, between two and three times more, if you add up hours worked over a week. Two […]

It wasn’t me, it was my id (26/01/08)

David Hare’s play The Vertical Hour, which has just opened at London’s Royal Court theatre, features an impassioned, articulate former war correspondent. She is a woman of great intelligence, apart from having fallen in love with another war correspondent, (“six foot tall, thin as a rake…”). She has this to say about dumb things we […]

You tell ’em, girl! (25/01/08)

Robyn Few speaks eloquently about her job selling sex. More from the Sin City Alternative Professionals’ Association

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