Getting behind sex ed

I have been greatly seduced by The MidWest Teen Sex Show. Its monthly podcasts aim to inform teenagers about the ins and outs of sex. Their audience must include thousands of teenagers who have been keep in Three Monkeys ignorance by the Bush administration’s “abstinence only” programmes — programmes which I note have been generously re-funded by a Democrat controlled Congress. But in truth, plenty of adults I know would benefit from watching some of their delightfully funny videos.

Here’s one example, about that oh-so-taboo topic, anal sex:

I do have one question for the MidWest Teen Sex crowd: do they, like me, find themselves dumped in people’s spam filters (and zoned out completely from their Chinese audience) because the electronic guardians of our collective morality assume they are purveyors of porn?

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This post was published on 15/01/08 in Good sex and bad, Pisani's picks, Videos.

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  1. Comment by tavistock terracian, 15/01/08, 04:01:

    oh god. you’ve got to have a section of your website devoted just to this show. very educational for parents.

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