Science, art and pushing buttons

In How to Be Good, Nick Hornby pretends to be a woman. Here she’s talking about her lover and her husband, who she’s just asked for a divorce.

“The difference between sex with David and sex with Stephen is like the difference between science and art. With Stephen, it’s all empathy and imagination and the shock of the new and the outcome is … uncertain, if you know what I mean. I’m engaged by it, but I’m not necessarily sure what it’s all about. David, on the other hand, presses this button, then that one, and bingo! Things happen. It’s like operating a lift — just as romantic, but actually just as useful.”

Can the real women out there guess whether David is the lover or the husband?

This post was published on 14/01/08 in Men, women and others.

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  1. Comment by Candy, 14/01/08, 03:25:

    hey, that’s not a fair question.

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