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The White House vs Science: what’s a girl to do? (31/01/08)

Salon’s Sheila Kaplan, Newshoggers and Michael Clark bring to our attention the latest salvo in the Bush administration’s war on science — this time, it was suppressing information about possible toxicity of trailers used to house victims of Hurricane Katrina because of formaldehyde, though it might just as well be the safety of condoms (which […]

HIV infection made (almost) simple (31/01/08)

Everyone knows about the behaviours that spread HIV. But if you’re at all hazy on the mechanics, how the virus actually manages its assault on an uninfected person, this video is for you. Thanks to Boehringer-Ingelheim for paying for this. See, Big Pharma’s not all bad…

Red sports cars go global (30/01/08)

It’s official. Mid-life crisis is a global phenomenon, according to a a new study, reported in the Financial Times. It happens to men and women, rich and poor, married and unmarried. We love our 20s and 30s, get a bit grumpy in our mid-40s and then cheer up again by the time we’re 70 (if […]

Treating our failures (30/01/08)

As Think Progress and CREDO pointed out, George Bush shouldn’t have been quite so smug in his State of the Union address. They list some of the ways that US money is undermining progress against HIV. But I’m afraid they’ve missed some other gems that the administration has thrown up in the way of effective […]

Ask a hooker, not a doctor (30/01/08)

The British Medical Journal has been running a little debate on condoms: are they the answer to rising rates of sexually transmitted infections? “Yes but” (we also need other approaches), says one side. “No therefore” (we also need other approaches), says the other. Bald men fighting over a comb. Both sides achieve the almost unachieveable: […]

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