Talking of penises

While I was at the gender meeting in Nairobi mentioned in the article, some friends and I played “Bullshit Bingo” a game that passes the time in jargon-filled UN meetings. Here is my (not quite completed) bingo card. I wrote my own destruction into the bottom right hand corner. In a three day meeting about “gender” I was the only person who mentioned penises. (Click on the thumbnail to enlarge)

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This post was published on 01/12/07 in Gallery, Ideology and HIV.

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  1. Comment by Media whore, 10/12/07, 12:02:

    Bullshit Bingo looks like great fun – perfect for those of us who were THOSE kids in class (unruly smartarse, is I believe the English word). My only question is WTF does LGBT mean (in the bar after a few martinis I can only imagine it means ‘Less Go Bed Togevver (hic)’

  2. Comment by T, 29/07/08, 01:31:

    Lesbian Gay Bi Transwhatever I imagine

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