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Is that a silicone implant, or are you just glad to see me? (24/12/07)

With this “Tits for Tat” image, plagerised from Andrew Sullivan’s always muscular blog, I sign off for two weeks wandering in Central Java, in search of Wisdom. Regular posting resumes in January.

Sex with robots? Call the unions! (23/12/07)

David Levy at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands tells MSNBC’s Live Science that we’ll be having sex with robots within five years. Without wanting to reflect too much on whether long-married partners would consider sex with robots to be much of an innovation, I think the issue raises important ethical questions. Will robots […]

Dial 999, Spanish style (22/12/07)

Needling the White House (21/12/07)

So Congress has finally passed the US$ 556 billion budget bill (Reuters). It now goes to George Bush to be signed. As John McManus and others note, the bill is laden with pork. McManus is rightly infuriated by how keen most Congressmen are to bring home the pork, in other words, to bundle spending on […]

Where do bears shit? (21/12/07)

Thanks to Lee Rudolph for bringing to our attention another spectacularly insightful piece of (taxpayer funded) research (see Lee’s comment on an earlier post). The paper must be important because it contains sentences such as: “A modest, but significant, relationship was found between this variable and the six-item index [of ‘dichotomously assessed condom use errors […]

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