Have passport, will bonk

If you travel in the world of on-line dating sites, don’t forget your passport. A company in Florida (where else?) is providing “Safe Sex Passports” that allow you to claim you’re a good, healthy lay. For a mere US$ 300, you can get tested for HIV, genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis. Your test results get loaded into a database. If you’re getting hot and heavy with someone online, you can give them a code number, and they can check out your test results.

Cleverly, the company running the scheme cites US government guidelines that say “socially active” people should get testing for sexually transmitted infections every six months. So it’s another US$ 200 twice a year to keep your status up to date.

SSP Bioanalytics may be the first to offer this service to online daters, but “Disease-free sex” passports have an illustrious history. Issued to sex workers after mandatory (usually monthly) health screenings, they have been a fundamental part of HIV prevention efforts in Thailand, the Philippines and a host of other countries. I remember being denied entry to a night club in Madagascar because I couldn’t show the “green card” required of all female guests.

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This post was published on 29/11/07 in Good sex and bad.

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