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As I was sitting at Nairobi airport on Monday, waiting for a flight that was delayed by eight hours because British Airways couldn’t find a flight crew, I was hammered by another piece of bad news. Apparently Kenya is the place for white women of a certain age to go for sexual entertainment. (See Reuters story.) Now they tell me.

Sugar MummyIt’s easy to be facetious about this kind of thing, but it does raise an uncomfortable point. Where white men go on holiday looking for sexual adventures with women of virtually any colour, the world screams “Exploitation!”. If there is any hint the girls are under 16, even 18 in some countries, we go up a pitch. “Prosecute!”. The possibility that girls might want to make a lot of money with very little effort and get bought nice clothes and dinners on the way is somehow not considered. But are white women not exploiting golden boys in just the same way? Why does no one worry about these young men, enslaved to the demands of sagging white women?

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This post was published on 28/11/07 in The sex trade.

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