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Zuma shows you get the HIV epidemic you deserve (09/02/10)

So Jacob Zuma is sorry about having unprotected sex with someone three decades younger than himself, who is not one of the five women he’s married. That’s a little better than last week’s “You should be proud that I’ve admitted paternity and paid a fine. What are you all so uptight about?” HIV activists are […]

Nipping HIV in the bed (03/12/09)

So another World AIDS Day (and this blog’s second birthday) has come and gone. We learned that 2.7 million mothers, lovers, children, school teachers, preachers, husbands and friends became infected with a rather fragile and still potentially fatal virus last year. Each of those prevention failures cost taxpayers about US$ 3,000. Since we’ve known how […]

High days and holidays — smoking ARVs (12/12/08)

Stories of kids smoking antiretroviral drugs to get high first surfaced in South Africa last spring. Picked up by the BBC last week, they are now burning through the WTF pages of the blogosphere. Should we give a damn? Interestingly, I can’t find anything anywhere from anyone who has actually nicked the pills off their […]

Football spreads AIDS (13/05/08)

Though I like to rant that HIV is all about sex and drugs (as for example, in this profile in the Guardian), I’ve got a new thing to think about: football. One of the coolest things about publishing a book, it turns out, is that people start doing your thinking for you. Last week, I […]

Stating the obvious department: HIV kills voters (20/03/08)

Three years of research, 400 pages of text, a 52-page introduction, and we learn that politicians and other voters are dying from HIV in Africa. The Institute for Democracy in South Africa has recently published a massive tome, The Political Cost of AIDS in Africa which “reveals that the fledgling multi-party democracies in parts of […]

Microbicides: the real disappointment is that women are human too (25/02/08)

Many of us were hugely disappointed when the Population Council announced last week that the microbicide they’d been testing in a huge trial in South Africa didn’t work. But buried in the trial results were some other shocking and hugely disappointing facts. Here’s the real shocker in my opinion: Only one woman in 10 used […]

Dying to get sick (29/11/07)

In a new report on HIV and corruption in South Africa, A Lethal Cocktail (pdf, 119 pages), Transparency International point the finger once again at South African President Thabo Mbeki. His dithering over HIV has, they say, created a climate of secrecy on the one hand and impunity on the other; both of these allow […]