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Sex cells (11/06/08)

Sex as a marketing tool? Hardly a new concept. But the producers of the film “Sex in the City” have taken it to new heights. Vanity Fair magazine sent two reporters to view the movie and count the number of promotional products that appeared on-screen, including any blatantly-mentioned brand names. The movie mentioned no fewer […]

The dog’s bollocks, Gerry Ryan, and quality versus quantity in sex (11/05/08)

Apologies for the silence, which was in part due to a glorious whirlwind of a visit to Dublin, where I spent a while with Ireland’s answer to Oprah, Gerry Ryan. I’ve always been a bit of a fan of Gerry’s morning show on RTE2 so I know that pretty much anything goes. And I was […]

Mice lad mags: blokes are gagging for it, females sulk (16/04/08)

Regular readers know that I’m a huge supporter of Open Access publishing of science, particularly of PLoS. Because more people get to read good science, obviously, but also because with the “Pick of the Week” PLoSONE, you find yourself reading things you’d never otherwise come across. Such as this study from the University of Toronto, […]

Excuse my French (30/03/08)

Some readers may have had yesterday’s literary post zoned out by the language police. By happy coincidence, Blog Around the Clock drew my attention to the cuss-o-meter, and I ran The Wisdom through it. Just 16.6% of my posts are grubby, which shows there’s lot more science than sex on this blog. I note, though, […]

Are Australian men rotten lovers? (27/03/08)

In the prologue to my soon-to-be-published book The Wisdom of Whores, I give an example of the different ways nerds like me look at cause and effect in health. When I was writing it, I made up an example out of the air — something that I thought that people would relate to and be […]

AIDS and global warming department: a green sex life (28/02/08)

OK, we know global warming is taking over from HIV as the development fashion of the day. But for those who haven’t quite made the switch, or who have one foot in each camp, here’s detailed advice on how to have greener sex. Looking at some of the advice, I wonder if they can’t see […]

Sex sells. But can it build? (27/02/08)

Anyone who has ever been on the metro in Paris knows that the French use sex to sell everything from dishwashers to floor cleaner. Now the league of students is using it in this (im)passioned plea to the government: Build more housing for students! Thanks to Unspun for throwing back the covers on this one.

Orgasm department: That old G-spot thing (25/02/08)

So Italian researchers have looked at just 20 women, and found the G-spot. This has excited comment in the UK, though not much elsewhere. The Guardian’s (rather good) weekly science podcast, wonders at the fact that women can have more than one type of orgasm. Or rather, two male commentators wonder. If they’d asked a […]

What’s in a kiss? (22/02/08)

Check out this lovely article on why we kiss from Scientific American. Just don’t think too hard about the relationship between kissing, chewing the cud and HIV.

Sex toys go green (18/02/08)

Ever heard me ranting about “kids-and-AIDS”, “security-and-AIDS”, “fisheries-and-AIDS” and adding despariningly that I’m just waiting for “global-warming-and-AIDS”? Well it’s here. Or at least “global-warming-and-safe-sex” is. Pictured left, the Eco-sexy kit, which will set you back just US$59. For more variety (and some truly artistic hand-blown glass work), check out these eco-friendly sex toys from Babeland. […]

No Valentine’s sex for Thai teens (14/02/08)

What with two a.m. closures and best-behaviour brothels, it has been quite a while since Bangkok deserved its international reputation as “Sin City, East”. But the morality police are taking things a bit far this Valentine’s day. One in four Bangkok teens said they’d be celebrating Valentines day by having sex, according to a poll […]

Force for good in Sinagpore (13/02/08)

Singapore wants its citizens to take more responsibility for their sexual behaviour, Bloomberg reports. “We’re trying to find a way essentially to ask them to be responsible for their own actions,” said Koh Peng Keng, the Health Ministry’s senior director of operations.” “Them”, in this case, is people who do daft things like have unprotected […]

Man cannot live by orgasm alone (12/02/08)

In a wonderful article on orgasms, Regina Nuzzo reports on laboratory research that involves people training themselves to control areas of their brain which can induce or block orgasm. It’s really interesting stuff, and well written, too (and much e-mailed, as noted by rather crossly by political blogger Andrew Malcolm). But it raises a question […]

Wisdom in the BMJ (08/02/08)

A comment I made online in a debate about condoms in the British Medical Journal appears in the print edition this week. Readers’ poll: who agrees with me?

Cum cum, it’s art (20/01/08)

Europe is baring all this winter, with major exhibitions of erotica in both London and Paris. But London has a side show more explicit than anything the French dare to show. Artist Jordan McKenzie masturbates over paper. Having seeded his artwork, he fertilises it with carbon powder, creating dashing artworks. These great works have inspired […]

Drink ’til you droop? Sadly not. (20/12/07)

It’s finally official. Get sloppy drunk, and you could end up with a drippy dick. This according to a study of 520 STD clinic patients published in the International Journal of STDs & AIDS (abstract available online. The full text of this publicly funded study costs an outrageous US$18). The journal’s editor, Wallace Dinsmore, told […]