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Of sex and MacBooks (12/11/08)

The Royal Geographical Society has seen it all. From Darwin arguing 100 years ago that we are descended from apes to Germaine Greer arguing last night that it is wrong not to pay for sex. The debate was organised by IQ2, and the house was packed with the great and the good of London’s chattering […]

Epidemiology and the wrath of God: Nigerian nightmare (22/08/08)

HIV research nerds like myself collect information from people at risk because we want to make things better for those people (by providing better prevention services, e.g.), not because we want to make things worse. But what happens when that information gets used as a weapon against the very people we want to help? It’s […]

A fine, upstanding police officer (16/08/08)

Texas, the state that put an HIV positive man in jail for spitting in a cop’s eye, is not always so quick to defend the boys in blue. Beaumont cop Keith Breiner has been fired, even though, according to his lawyer, his strongest suit is “supervisory compliance”. Doing what he’s told. What he was told […]

Painting the sex trade in black and white (15/08/08)

Here we go again. Prostitution, trafficking, the sexual exploitation of kids. All of a piece, all equally wicked, and all inextricably linked (and unpacked quite nicely over at Boinkology). It’s what we’ve come to expect from the zealots who put their own souls ahead of other people’s bodies and minds. The goody two-shoes rescue cowboys, […]

US pressure squashes Cambodia’s HIV success (01/07/08)

We don’t have many success stories in HIV prevention. And it seems like the Bush government is determined to undermine the ones we do have. Cambodia and Uganda, both shining examples of success in HIV prevention, are being squashed into failure by ideologues who would rather see people die than help sex workers and young […]

Demonstrating success (29/06/08)

Some Sunday silliness courtesy of Lazygal.

Boys will be girls, even in Brazil (04/05/08)

Brazilians are world chart-toppers in several things, among them football, HIV prevention, and enthusiasm for sex. There’s also a transsexual culture that is perhaps more vibrant than in any other country outside Asia. But people are still a bit squeamish about putting those things together, as the embarrassment of mega-footballer Ronaldo has shown.

Hypocrisy about prostitution is not a victimless crime (02/05/08)

A great deal has already been written about the death, perhaps suicide, of Deborah Jane Palfrey, aka the DC Madam. Ms. Palfrey was convicted two weeks ago of running a prostitution ring that met the needs and desires of honchos in Washington. A couple of the honchos involved lost their jobs as a result of […]

The key to HIV prevention: chastity pants for masseuses (28/04/08)

A fashion designer turned massage parlour owner in Indonesia has come up with an inspired solution to the problem of unsafe sex: he’s padlocking his girls in to their trousers. Paul Watson of the LA Times spoke to Franky Setiawan, owner of Doghado Massage Parlor, who came up with the chastity pants. Setiawan “says he […]

Price fixing in the sex trade: a dirty business (19/04/08)

Australia’s abuzz with reports of price fixing for strippers. The owners of Sydney strip clubs Bomshells and Sex Bombs are paying strippers more than rival club Adult Fire; Adult Fire has told a Federal Court that the two higher-paying clubs have conspired to raise payments to workers to drive it out of business. Hmm. Most […]

Slavery and the sex trade: more common sense. (28/03/08)

Between the downfall of New York governor Elliot Spitzer and the renewed debates about whether the US should use PEPFAR money to strong-arm opposition to prostitution, we’ve been buzzing a bit lately about the conflation of the sex indsutry and human trafficking. A Crime So Monstrous, a new book by Benjamin Skinner, is adding to […]

Morality and science: are they incompatible? (15/03/08)

Ok, we’re all Spitzered out. I had many reactions to a piece I wrote about the affair(s). Some were baffling — apparently I am anti-Semitic for implying that a man who breaks the very laws he makes might be one sandwich short of a picnic, for instance. Which at least alerted me to the fact […]

Shouldn’t sex workers have rights every day? (06/03/08)

International sex workers’ rights day passed with little comment — I spent it surrounded by rent boys in Bangkok and saw little celebration. I could have a rant about this, but The Curvature has said most of it for me.

How to earn a quick 50 bucks: selling sex in Jakarta (04/03/08)

Want to know why nice girls sell sex? I’ve trawled through hundreds of academic papers pontificating about the motivation for selling sex, I’ve listened to quite a bit of gender-jargon from self-righteous feminists, and I’ve been sjubjected to too much of the sexploitation rhetoric from right-wing religious relics. But I’ve rarely seen a more straight-forward […]

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