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Tired of feminism; saved by fruit flies (22/03/10)

Last Friday, I went to a deeply depressing “is feminism dead” type discussion. The normally male bastion of Prospect Magazine rang with the sound of high heels, and… Oh, wait, most of the people there were feminists. Scratch the high heels, then. Yes, yes, I’m playing to completely unjustified sterotypes. Except that they are not […]

Men are pigs, women are angels. Not. (17/02/10)

As promised, data on women, autonomy, partnerships and HIV. It’s quite true that I have not developed some magic indicator of “autonomy”. But the World Economic Forum has. Or at least its Gender Equality Index is as close as damnit. Let’s take the sub-Saharan African countries at either extreme, and set their equality index against […]

Mice lad mags: blokes are gagging for it, females sulk (16/04/08)

Regular readers know that I’m a huge supporter of Open Access publishing of science, particularly of PLoS. Because more people get to read good science, obviously, but also because with the “Pick of the Week” PLoSONE, you find yourself reading things you’d never otherwise come across. Such as this study from the University of Toronto, […]

UK tightens sexims laws: no more bastards (05/04/08)

As of today, UK companies can no longer use the “bastard defence” against claims of sexist abuse. The bastard defence rests on the claim that you’re not being sexist if you call a female colleague a silly cunt, because you’re just as likely to call a male colleague a stupid bastard. This “we’re just as […]

What’s with those Y chromosomes? (14/12/07)

One World AIDS Day, December 1, The Guardian published a piece in which I railed against leaving men out of our HIV prevention equation. (We can’t wait for equality) This rang bells with Michelle Kermode, from the University of Melbourne in Australia. Michelle is interested in focusing more attention on men in HIV prevention; so […]

Teenage girls take on a killer (06/12/07)

Great excitement in New York, where girls wiped the board in the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology, which a New York Times article describes as “one of [America’s] most coveted student science awards”. It’s no great surprise to me that girls are doing better than boys in science and maths. Indeed I heard […]

Talking of penises (01/12/07)

While I was at the gender meeting in Nairobi mentioned in the article, some friends and I played “Bullshit Bingo” a game that passes the time in jargon-filled UN meetings. Here is my (not quite completed) bingo card. I wrote my own destruction into the bottom right hand corner. In a three day meeting about […]

What’s wrong with penises? (01/12/07)

This morning, The Guardian newspaper published a commentary (We can’t wait for equality) that I had written about the role of the sexes (or the genders, if you’re coming over all PC) in the HIV epidemic. My point was that in most of the world, HIV is a man’s disease. The original version (and the […]