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Congratulations to the Bishop and his husband (11/06/08)

I was pleased to read of the marriage of Bishop Gene Robinson and his partner of 20 years Mark Andrew. Well, not marriage actually, but civil union, the closest we allow gay men and women to get to the sacrament in most States in the US. Bishop Robinson is Episcopalian (which is pretty High Church […]

The Whole Boy (in three cute parts) (10/06/08)

I’ve been remiss about posting links to electronic versions of all of the references cited in The Wisdom of Whores (or at least abstracts, where academic journals or others continue to restrict copyright to full text). I just have not found time to post several hundred documents and links to the site yet; though I […]

Life after AIDS? Not quite yet (10/06/08)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article in Prospect about HIV prevention among gay men now that near-universal access to treatment is making AIDS virtually invisible in rich countries. This excited a fair bit of comment over at Metafilter, not all of it pretty. But in any case, I was premature in declaring […]

A billion dollars: not enough for gay men in Uganda (03/06/08)

The head of Uganda’s AIDS commission says his country can’t afford to do any HIV prevention work with gay men, according to the Pink News. Though they’ve got hundreds of millions in the AIDS funding trough, and have their snouts raised for more. “Gays are one of the drivers of HIV in Uganda, but because […]

Life after AIDS (29/05/08)

We’ve all known for ages that there are essentially two HIV epidemics in the world: a heterosexual epidemic in East and Southern Africa (some would say all of sub-Saharan Africa) and an epidemic driven by drug injection, sex between men and commercial sex in the rest of the world. Now there’s another distinction, too. There […]

Boys will be girls, even in Brazil (04/05/08)

Brazilians are world chart-toppers in several things, among them football, HIV prevention, and enthusiasm for sex. There’s also a transsexual culture that is perhaps more vibrant than in any other country outside Asia. But people are still a bit squeamish about putting those things together, as the embarrassment of mega-footballer Ronaldo has shown.

Smooth site for rough sex (23/04/08)

If you’re a guy into rough sex with other guys, or just curious about it, check out the fantastic new website at Hard Cell. Everything you ever wanted to know about the ins and outs of different sexual practices, and some stuff you probably didn’t want to know, as well. What a pleasure to find […]

Poetry corner: How to continue (20/04/08)

Last night, I happened to be trawling around some of London’s gay entertainment establishments. I was struck by how much things have changed since John Ashbery was moved to write his classic elegy to AIDS, How to Continue. Here it is, lest we forget. How to Continue” by John Ashbery Oh there once was a […]

Gay-bashing, a sport that unites Moslems and Christians (08/04/08)

Five men face trial in Egypt on Wednesday for “habitual debauchery”, a term apparently used as shorthand for being gay. Conveniently, debauchery is illegal in Egypt whereas homosexuality is not. The trials are part of an ongoing crackdown on gay behaviour. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have rallied 117 NGOs from around the world […]

Get lippy (but don’t get gay) (03/04/08)

As I zipped through one of London’s less chaotic airports yesterday, my eye was caught by this giant poster behind the cash registers at The Body Shop. In case anyone misses the (very English) pun, lippy is short for lipstick, but also describes someone who is straight-talking, in a rude, counter-culture kind of way. If […]

Buffy goes gay. Or not. (05/03/08)

Gay role models are hard to find. But just when we’ve got a vampire slayer that might fit the bill, we’re told she doesn’t. Buffy, Vampire Slayer extraordinaire, has ended up in the buff with another slayerette. Here’s what her progenitor Joss Whedon told The New York Times. “It puts the reader in this ‘Oh […]

Does your doctor know you’re gay? Missing HIV diagnoses (22/02/08)

A new study in the UK inidcates that doctors aren’t doing very well at diagnosing HIV. The study looks at diagnosis in primary infection, the few weeks or months when a person first becomes infected with HIV, when the virus replicates like mad and people often feel fluey. It’s an important time to catch infection, […]

Brideshead Revisited — the gay boy’s cut (20/02/08)

(Source: Youtube via Towleroad)

Giving contract tracing a bad name (15/02/08)

I’m aware that my ambivalent attitude towards tracing the sex partners of HIV-infected people in order to offer them testing, prevention services and treatment if necessary is unpopular in some quarters. When I look at what the Egyptian government is up to, I can really see why. According to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, […]

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