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Swedes make sex boring, even in Brazil (19/03/10)

Another thumbs down for the Swedish model. Not the leggy blonde, not even Sweden’s moralistic approach to the sex trade. This one is the Swedish research model, which has managed to turn the fascinating subject of on-line rating of hookers by Brazilian punters into something indescribably dull. Actually, that may not be fair. I think […]

My old employers on an old profession (08/05/09)

In belated recognition of May Day, I give you these sensible words from sex workers in India, courtesy of my once-long-ago employers, Reuters. Funnily enough, one of the very first stories I ever wrote for Reuters was about sex workers in a time of economic meltdown. It was also the first to draw a response […]

Demonstrating success (29/06/08)

Some Sunday silliness courtesy of Lazygal.

More sex equals less HIV: I explain why (16/04/08)

This video, not to be taken tooooo seriously (though the science is spot on), is the product of a rainy afternoon with the incomparable Candy Gourlay. Check out Candy’s wit, wisdom and illustration at Notes From the Slushpile

Shouldn’t sex workers have rights every day? (06/03/08)

International sex workers’ rights day passed with little comment — I spent it surrounded by rent boys in Bangkok and saw little celebration. I could have a rant about this, but The Curvature has said most of it for me.

How to earn a quick 50 bucks: selling sex in Jakarta (04/03/08)

Want to know why nice girls sell sex? I’ve trawled through hundreds of academic papers pontificating about the motivation for selling sex, I’ve listened to quite a bit of gender-jargon from self-righteous feminists, and I’ve been sjubjected to too much of the sexploitation rhetoric from right-wing religious relics. But I’ve rarely seen a more straight-forward […]

No tarts in the arts? More nonsense from the gloating Christians (21/02/08)

A week ago, the President of William and Mary college Gene Nichols lost his job. The last straw in a haystack of sins: he supported a show of art by sex workers on campus. This drew outrage from all the usual suspects, and they have been gloating at his dismissal. Organisers and studentsraised their voices […]

Shame on America’s johns (28/01/08)

Celeb economist Steven Levitt, of Freakonomics fame, has been drawing attention to the fact that women can earn more selling sex than in lots of other jobs — around four times more, at least in Chicago. In the UK, between two and three times more, if you add up hours worked over a week. Two […]

Sex with robots? Call the unions! (23/12/07)

David Levy at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands tells MSNBC’s Live Science that we’ll be having sex with robots within five years. Without wanting to reflect too much on whether long-married partners would consider sex with robots to be much of an innovation, I think the issue raises important ethical questions. Will robots […]

Charity sex (29/11/07)

A Spanish friend of mine (who is something of a slut) used to justify his adventures with less attractive women by saying that he was “doing charity sex”. Now a sex worker in Chile has given the phrase a whole new meaning. Maria Carolina has donated 27 hours of sex to raise money for charity, […]

Older white woman (28/11/07)

As I was sitting at Nairobi airport on Monday, waiting for a flight that was delayed by eight hours because British Airways couldn’t find a flight crew, I was hammered by another piece of bad news. Apparently Kenya is the place for white women of a certain age to go for sexual entertainment. (See Reuters […]