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Pregnancy, rape and bestiality. What can we report? (05/09/08)

I wasn’t even going to bother to gloat about the goody-two-shoes Republican Vice-Presidential candidate’s swelling family. Plenty of others have done it for me. But the kerfuffle did get me thinking about what’s fair game in science and reporting. And that led me on an unlikely path to rape and bestiality. Yes, Sarah Palin gutted […]

Thongs of Praise: Knickers to abstinence (30/07/08)

The Daily Christian proposes that you Earn Your Right to Wear White. You can do it for just US$ 8.99. This next-to-nothing knickers are sure to ward off over-enthusiastic boyfriends with their trenchant message: I’m wondering whether the Daily Christian’s aestehtics might achieve what their messages don’t. They suggest you “Size up for a looser […]

Strange bedfellows: feminists, fundamentalists and orgasms (08/07/08)

One of the things I noticed on the left hand side of the Atlantic was how many people took the dust jacket off my book before taking it out in public. No one wants to be seen in the company of “Whores” on the subway. But who is the word offending? Both left and right, […]

Recognising HIV in Uganda’s army (not) (08/06/08)

In a comment on an earlier post, Roger Tatoud drew my attention to a story about high HIV levels in Uganda’s army being a threat to national security. Some would say that means Uganda’s First Lady is a threat to national security; her enthusiastic embrace of abstinence as the main weapon against HIV is thought […]

Shocking news from the US: teens have sex! (05/06/08)

The results of the 2007 round of risk surveillance among US high-school kids are out. They find, wait for it, that despite nearly a decade of being told to cross their legs, American teenagers still have sex! The proportion of teenagers having sex drifted downward for the first decade it was measured (the surveys started […]

Balls to purity, this is therapy for Dads (19/05/08)

What teenage girl would want to be “covered” by her father in areas of purity? Plenty, it seems, if the ongoing success of the Purity Balls is anything to go by. At these balls, fathers pay over US$100 to crow over their daughters’ virginity, pledging publicly to maintain it until they hand them over to […]

In Texas, masturbation leads to incest (16/03/08)

Help me out here. George Bush says abstinence is the only reliable way of avoiding HIV. So you’d think do-it-yourself orgasms would be the order of the day. It took Bush’s home state of Texas a while to get with the programme, but they finally made it okay to masturbate, legalising dildos just in time […]

How to talk to your kids about sex (10/03/08)

American taxpayers are ploughing money into ads telling parents to talk to their kids about sex. Or rather, telling parents to talk to their kids about not having sex. It includes such helpful lines as “Tell me to wait to have sex. And don’t worry. I’ll always be your Muffinhead. Your Punkinface. Your Pookie Bear.” […]

Bush on abstinence: it’s effective for Americans (21/02/08)

Finally, a reporter in Ghana put George Bush on the spot about earmarking over a billion dollars for abstinence-only programmes which Bush’s own scientific advisors say don’t work (recent thoughtful comment here). Here’s what Bush said: “I monitor the results,” he said. “And if it looks like it’s not working, then we’ll change. But thus […]

Dangers of sex 1: The domino effect (11/12/07)

Thanks to Basia Zaba for contributing this very good reason to cross your legs.