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You’ve come a long way, faghag… (09/07/12)

On a quick sabbatical from my sabbatical, I’ve dipped back to London for the month of July. How better to spend my first Saturday night than at my local theatre, watching a show called “Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!”. The night before, I indulged in the things I’ve missed most over the last nine months — […]

What’s wrong with Indonesian penises? (05/03/12)

[Note: I’m still on sabbatical. But even on sabbatical, one sometimes thinks about sex… For reflections on democracy, corruption and other dirty subjects, see my other blog, from which this is a cross-post.] Reading the newspapers in cities across Papua, Indonesia’s easternmost province, I cannot help but notice the full-colour ads for penis extensions. In […]

Of penises and pasta-measurers: sex ed in the dark ages (circa 2011) (05/05/11)

Thirty years ago next month, the first reports of the illness that came to be known as AIDS were published. Five cases, all among young gay guys in Los Angeles. Since then, we’ve racked up over 60 million HIV prevention failures worldwide. But new draft guidelines on safe sex advice proposed for the UK suggest […]

Of memories and domination (11/04/11)

For reasons largely nerdy, I was wandering the London Book Fair today. It put me in mind of books I’ve read recently, and those I can’t help but revisit. Caught in the spider’s web of my memory is Joshua Foer’s Moonwalking with Einstein, a book in small part about memory and in large part about […]

Sex and sports: it must be spring (17/02/11)

Young bucks locking body parts in a battle for supremacy: it’s that time of year again. Six Nations rugby time, of course. But also the time that many species pull themselves out of their winter torpor and start looking to spread their DNA. London’s Natural History Museum celebrates with an exhibition of a Sexual Nature. […]

New York’s Brave New ad targets HIV complacency (13/12/10)

Clearly someone in the New York City health department believes that HIV sucks, even in a post-AIDS world. Here’s their brave new ad, targeted at the gay men among whom the majority of new infections in the city occur in this age of treatment. Pity about the Hollywood trailer soundtrack. Predictably, most of the comments […]

Data are sexy: great use of statistics (01/02/10)

Who would have thought that showing your tits became a better strategy for pulling partners the older you get? Since I’ve never tried e-dating, it has never occured to me that it’s a spectacular source of data for epi-nerds interested in sexual networking. My eyes have been opened by OKCupid, whose data nerds have publish […]

Unnecessary “sex”, in a truck (12/01/10)

These gems from the delightful “blog” of “unecessary” quotation marks need no comment. Though the comments on “this post” are quite fun. And from my best side: Thanks to dkj for driving me to them.

Hot sex in Copenhagen (07/12/09)

What’s unsustainable about paying fo sex? I guess it depends on what your budget is, and how randy you are. As Copenhagen turns its thoughts green, its mayor Ritt Bjerregaard sent postcards to Copenhagen hotels urging climate conference delegates to: ‘Be sustainable – don’t buy sex’. In response, the city’s sex workers are offering free […]

Fruit bats go down to keep it up (17/11/09)

I’ve always been curious to know what a random investigator would make of my in-box. Lots of people find theirs clogged with offers of penis extensions and tireless nights of love; I have the added joy of getting soft-peddalled syphilis diagnostic kits. I also get alerted when medical journals publish papers on a variety of […]

Proud to be American? (01/10/09)

The US voted for hope. It (we, I) voted for change. It (we, I) got a president who suggested sensible things like basing health policy on good science. The US even got some senators who followed through with funding for programmes that would teach young people that if you want to have sex and not […]

Credit crunch, credit cards and condoms (07/06/09)

Few companies are posting rising profits in these hard times. But hard times are what SSL, maker of Durex condoms and other good-sex products, like best. As more people stay at home use of sex toys, the warming Play O orgasm gloop and condoms have all risen, driving pre-tax profits up by almost a third […]

Cross your legs and think of Kenya (01/05/09)

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga won’t get laid this week. Or at least not at home — his wife Ida is leading a national sex boycott. And he may not have better luck outside the home; activists have done a deal with sex workers, paying them not to give their men relief in the boycott […]

Those perfect Canadian men (update) (24/04/09)

I’ve been meaning to write a cross-patch piece about Margaret Wente’s front page Globe and Mail story about the wickedness of gay men, but Chris Dupuis at Toronto’s ever-wonderful Xtra has done it for me. Although he doesn’t even get to the bit that most annoys me about her piece, her complete failure to recognise […]

Keep it up: now for the Muslims (28/12/08)

In this season of giving, it’s important to be an equal-opportunities purveyor of cheer. So I give you the CIA’s latest ploy in Afghanistan: the spooks are swapping Viagra for intelligence. They’re not just handing out these prescription meds to anyone, of course. That would be irresponsible. But they did note that one particularly uncoperative […]

Keep it up: Christians take sex to new heights (or grammar to new lows) (24/12/08)

I’m not the first to observe that American evangelicals have been taking over the sex agenda. But you have to take your hat off to (Ir)Reverend Ed Young, who challenged his congregation to keep it up for a week. You have to take something off, at any rate. Perhaps the cap on the Viagra bottle? […]

Perfect Christmas present: a born-again virgin (21/12/08)

Christmas is about the Virgin Birth. For those of us not lucky enough to have been blessed by the Angel of the Lord and wanting a second chance, there’s the artificial hymen. A bargain at just US$14.99 (or Suggest Your Price). The product has so many advantages. It comes in discreet packaging — “Your Mum […]

Speed dating for positives: Nigeria’s solution to HIV (09/09/08)

The conservative northern Nigerian state of Bauchi is running a lonely hearts service for HIV positives who want to get married. Authorities claim that this will reduce the spread of HIV. Predictably enough, some people are whining about this. A UNAIDS official is quoted as saying that it is dangerous, because of the likelihood of […]

Pregnancy, rape and bestiality. What can we report? (05/09/08)

I wasn’t even going to bother to gloat about the goody-two-shoes Republican Vice-Presidential candidate’s swelling family. Plenty of others have done it for me. But the kerfuffle did get me thinking about what’s fair game in science and reporting. And that led me on an unlikely path to rape and bestiality. Yes, Sarah Palin gutted […]

Strange bedfellows: feminists, fundamentalists and orgasms (08/07/08)

One of the things I noticed on the left hand side of the Atlantic was how many people took the dust jacket off my book before taking it out in public. No one wants to be seen in the company of “Whores” on the subway. But who is the word offending? Both left and right, […]

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